Innate Ability to Heal


An exclusive members only quantum experience in the Greater Montreal area. Members get to experience a new era of rejuvenating technology known as the Energy Enhancement System (EES) in a comfortable environment.  

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a single drop” – Rumi

Divine Energy is a private members centre empowering their members to achieve optimal mind, body and soul health. 

A New Era Of Well Being is Here…

What if you could reverse dis-ease and aging while you sleep?

The Energy Enhancement System combines Body, Mind, Spirit, and Science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health, Consciousness and self-actualization.

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Advancing Beyond MedBed Technology

What the EESystem can do for you:

Feelings of Calmness, Harmony, Zen, Oneness, Peace, Relaxation

Better Mental Health and Relief from Severe Pain

Natural Recovery and Rejuvenation & Sense of Increased Energy

Improved Existentially and Mental Flexibility/Clarity

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Meet Alberto & Kinga

Our mission is to help people become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves.

Our dream of opening a wellness centre dates back to 2020 and today we are happy to bring you this new quantum experience!

Our commitment to you is to ensure the highest quality of care and service.

Kinga has worked as a dental hygienist, raising awareness about dental health for over 22 years. Over the past 10 years, her interest in overall health awareness and conscious living has grown. She currently studies naturopathic medicine.

Alberto’s calling has always been working with people ensuring client wellbeing and satisfaction. His genuineness and contagious smile make people feel at ease. Why worry about tomorrow when all we really have is the present moment?

Let us learn to live in balance with nature.

Plug the body back into the cosmic light.

– Dr. Sandra R.M., EESystem Inventor

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Bio-Scalar Photonic Fusion Technology

This sunning Bio-Scalar photonic fusion technology, invented by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, PhD, DNM, DCSJ, uses custom-built and precisely installed units and screens to generate multiple bio-active energy fields that create an extraordinary hyper-healthy energetic environment. The EESystem has been extensively researched since 1996 for its multitude of beneficial effects and recognized at dozens of medical, scientific and professional conferences around the world.