How the EESystem Works

Every day, electromagnetic pollution, nutritional deficiencies and emotional stress, interferes with our normal body frequency. This compromises our health. The cells of the body vibrate at their optimum frequency under the influence of scalar waves. Cells regenerate faster.

Dr Sandra Rose Michael an internationally recognised innovator, has developed the Energy Enhancement System (EES) that utilises the unique energy field produced by scalar waves to regenerate the physical body.

Scalar waves are quite different from other electromagnetic energy. Being fifth dimensional and non-linear they are not restricted by time and space, which makes them unconditioned and uncontaminated. Scalar energy is the life force as pure potentiality. The EESystem uses computer programs that generate scalar waves. Anyone within the energy field that is created can benefit from their extraordinary cellular enhancement properties. Every cell in the body is encouraged to detox, repair and regenerate.

People who have experienced the EESystem for as little as thirty minutes have reported feeling remarkably better, physically, mentally and spiritually. Clinical trials have shown the EESystem acts as an antidepressant, improves immune function, and stimulates activity in the brain.

We THRIVE when we supply our body with the energy it needs.

Psychological studies report increased levels of HAPPINESS, RELAXATION, POSITIVE OUTLOOK, CALMNESS and PEACE.

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